Who are your customers?
Where are they?
How to communicate with them?

Knowing your Clients, where they are and discovering the best way to reach them provide the foundations for successful communication. From concept to implementation, we develop brand principles that survive the passage of time and establish themselves in the market with solid and long-lasting roots.

We develop:
Marketing strategies
Communication strategies
Image quality audits

Communication Strategies
Communication Strategies


Strong brands for competitive markets.

No brand is just a name. Besides representing the signature of a product/service or company in the market, the brand is also a channel that uniquely conveys a set of values and characteristics. However, it is even more than that. In the global market, branding is day after day gaining new levels of complexity that respond to diverse cultural and linguistic interpretations.

The challenge of designing brands consists of endowing them with unique attitudes and personalities. That is what we do.

We combine our own research, development and validation processes to successfully respond to the major challenges of globalisation.

We measure the quality of our branding by analysing the performance of the dozens of brands we have designed in their respective different markets

and Advertising

Stimulating actions through differentiated communication.

The ultimate purpose of advertising is to stimulate actions in consumers, be they product purchases, making phone calls, requesting information or changing their own habits.

At Blue Line, we look for creative new ways to reach this goal, associating creativity with communication. We rely on the rigour of our performance to shape the difference. We design campaigns that effectively contribute to brand positioning.

We develop:
Institutional content
Brand activation campaigns
Advertising in different types of media
Company and project presentations

Communication and Advertising
Communication and Advertising
Web and Digital
Web and Digital

Web & Digital

Information technology is part of our identity.

We incorporate design and technology into our strategic vision to build unique web solutions, then tested and continuously updated.

We produce efficient projects.

  1. The projects are thought out from a strategic marketing and business perspective.
  2. They incorporate an exclusive designoriented towards usability, accessibility and effective communication.
  3. They feature completely tailored platforms, exclusive toBlue Line, tested on more than 90 projects and continuously updated.

We develop:
Websites, portals and extranets
E-commerce websites
SEO Optimisation
Google campaigns
Social marketing


When packaging "speaks" to the customer.

Packaging is the product’s first "face" as it comes into contact with the customer. Hence, at Blue Line, we combine graphic design and product design to achieve a shape that attracts, materials that convince and solutions that solve problems.
We build packaging that communicates, distinguishes and positions the product and the brand.

Salvatore Adduci
We represent the Salvatore Adduci studio in Portugal.
Through this relationship, we integrate the know-how of specialists accustomed to designing and executing projects for major international brands, with the support of a local team that assesses and coordinates the specific characteristics of each project.

With us, your project gains from an international presence.


Do you want to create or communicate your project?