Ramalhão is one of Sintra's iconic brands in business for over a century. We were given the challenge of rebranding the brand to prepare its future for another one hundred years of operations.

We began this project by researching various sources where we found multiple references to Ramalhão products, with a natural emphasis on its cheesecakes.

The sources, the features of spatial reference and the family of origin, were treated with great care. We knew that the time spent on research and work would contribute to improving the final project’s quality and so did it happen.




Branding, Stratgy, Communication



Ramalhão, the symbol of Sintra's queijadas

Based on the logo designed and the brand personality that we identified, we developed the decoration for the first outlet that was launched in Sintra.

The decorative concept highlights the contrast between blue and gold, the chromatic representation of the extremely high quality of the products produced and marketed by the brand. The space received all the honours of a formal inauguration.

Brand activation campaigns

Great care was attributed to all the components communicating the brand and that naturally transmit its secular and innate values. x We would highlight the menus, high quality boxes, labels, uniforms, bags and interior communication items

External communication items

We developed the strategy and the set of outdoor communication items that are the key components in attracting consumer into this retail environment.