The Programa Escolhas (national social inclusion education program) and the Juvemedia Association developed the Navio Escolhas project that took 113 young people from all Portugal, chosen for their good academic and civic performances, on a one-week voyage to Funchal.

Blue Line was asked to design the branding that was intended to be dynamic and allusive to the theme. The design of all associated iconography, promotion, communication and merchandising materials was also included in this commission.


ESG Programa Escolhas


Branding, Design, Merchandising




Creating a new generation image, striking and highlighting this great ocean-going adventure, an image that would have to naturally give life to a wide range of communication items.

Designing the adventure

The brand and illustrations designed were intended to bestow an immediate representation of the project's character. The chromaticism and maritime dynamics represented this venture in which young people, on their own merit, traverse the Atlantic in search of adventure.

A coherent image

The derivations and adaptations of the brand and its support components across the various items, including uniforms and merchandising, always maintained the core reference components, which enabled the creation of an integrated and easily recognisable line.

At the end of the action, it was gratifying to receive recognition from all the participant entities of the action’s success which, in turn, led us onto creating the Comboio Escolhas project in the following year.