After the rebranding of the Espiga brand, Fábricas Lusitana set Blue Line the challenge of designing the packaging for the new line of cooking oils under the same brand.

The goal was to create an image that reinforced the strong character of the brand and ensure the effective highlighting of the products in a very competitive market.

Every space on the label was thought out and designed in detail. As an example, we would mention the pioneering work carried out in Portugal with the bar codes, which surprised by its sheer originality. Today, all these products are found on national lines and in some parts of Europe.


Fábricas Lusitana


Packaging, Strategy




Designing packagingwith a strong personality that establishes an effective presence on the shelf and builds and supports the differentiated personality embodied in the product's signature "As you like it”!

An organic design

All the pieces were developed in accordance with the organic principle of the brand's construction, with emphasis on the insistence of right angles. Each label was associated with iconographic stamps to highlight the product's advantages, components that also contribute to communicating from the shelf to customers.


When selecting the chromatic options and the graphic construction of each label, we took into account the impact of each unit on the line not only in its coexistence with competing products but also in its experience as a family of products, which we believe we achieved.