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OutGuide - accessible audio guide
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Returning new outdoor experiences

Tailor-made for each user, Outguide is accessible to all and eliminates communication barriers, permanently providing content in different languages.
Gather all the benefits of this equipment and enrich the experience of each visitor to the city's outdoor spaces.


In rainy weather or at night

Generate the handle movement and select the language button to hear the same file.


In fine weather and daytime

Simply select the respective language button
to hear the sound file

An accessible audio guide

→ Braille
→ 4 detached pushbuttons
→ Side handle with force reduction

→ Headphone socket

An audio guide to street life

→ Beaches
→ Gardens
→ Parks and mountains

→ Exhibition venues
→ Entrances to museums and monuments
→ Near statues and archaeological sites

A smart audio guide

The OutGuide integrates an information module that records the and time of all accesses by language, constituting an important aid for managing the usage of tourist spaces. The information is transferred from the equipment via Bluetooth to a PDA and then transferred to a dedicated web portal.

OutGuide and smartphone

Advantages of the OutGuide for the Municipality



Guarantees information, for everyone, in a simple way, in new spaces, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



A device adapted to all people with or without special needs.



Built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.



Self-sufficient, without any need for an electricity supply, thus having no impact on the environment.

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