Accessibility Services


Accessibility is a facet required by all citizens - the more accessible the space, equipment, product or service, the more likely everybody is to use it. Furthermore, the creation of access conditions, based on universal design, guarantees better access conditions for all, irrespective of their geographical and social origins, their age, physical, sensory or intellectual profile or their educational background.

Services Developed

We develop a set of solutions that increase the enjoyment and value of existing media through a communication strategy FOR ALL, paying particular attention to certain specific target audiences.

Accessible communication

We design inclusive communication solutions because information is for everyone!

Holistic Strategy
Accessible and Inclusive Communication
Multiformat Content
Simple Writing
Pictographic Writing
Audio Description
Video Subtitling
Enhanced and High Contrast Text
Braille and 2D ½ Relief
Accessible Signage
Videos and Sign Language
Accessible Websites

two children use audio description
two children use audio description
hand on the tactile replica
hand on the tactile replica

Development of Inclusive Products

We conceive and integrate design for all, adapting products and developing physical solutions with a strong sense of accessibility so they are usable by the greatest number of people irrespective of age, ability or limitation.

Exhibition design
Outdoor audio guide: Outguide
Models and tactile replicas
360º inclusive presentations

Inclusive promotion

We design advertising that adopts the best practices in accessibility so that the message gets understood by all.

Promotional Videos

a child looks at a map while the mother explains and the father observes
a child looks at a map while the mother explains and the father observes
exhibition space with audio objects
exhibition space with audio objects

Example of items produced

Accessible website
Accessible local signage
Information material
Building scale model
Visitable floor plans
Replicas of exhibits, construction or decorative details of buildings
Multilingual audio guides focusing on experiences
Multilingual descriptive audio guides
Sign language bilingual video guides
Promotional materials
3D relief

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