20 years of Ecosaúde

Ecosaúde, specialized in workplace security and hygiene services, completed 20 years of operations in 2015.

To celebrate this important achievement, Blue Line developed several brand activation pieces, for internal communication and communication with the Ecosaúde customers.
This set of pieces includes e-news, posters, wallpapers, flyers and event invitations, among others.
Congratulations Ecosaúde!

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Over the last nine years, Blue Line has developed a set of pieces that have strengthened the Ecosaúde brand, supporting the Company in conquering businesses and the market.

Digital & Media

Blue Line has already developed two generations of websites that represent Ecosaúde in the digital market.
Seasonally, we produce the Ecosaúde e-news, which due to its informative nature, is a reference for the Company's customers. Blue Line also developed a film to present the new Ecosaúde space at Expo.

Communicating in different areas

We respond to the various needs of Ecosaúde in different areas of communication, including vehicle decoration and outdoor space decoration, promotional brochures, press ads and many other pieces.