Small Is Amazing

The online commerce market is increasingly more competitive, so the Blue Line projects for this sector entail the latest specifications and complex integration with search engines.

Small Is Amazing markets high-quality Portuguese items internationally, including food, decorative and artistic items.
In addition to a unique layout that complies with the best principles of usability, Blue Line incorporated a set of dedicated features, including an automatic converter for calculating prices in multiple currencies.
The website also has an area reserved for customers, with an order history.
Another highlight is the CRM system that generates preferred levels of one-on-one communication with the customer, creating closeness and relationships.

Web Design

We designed a dynamic, attractive and intuitive website that provides an excellent User Experience (UX) and respects the principles of usability.
The project's global reach led us to create a multi-language, multi-currency platform that features product, customer, order and shipping management modules for worldwide deliveries.

  • 1. Online Payment Systems

    In addition to the traditional methods, recorded delivery, bank transfer, the PayPal payment system has been fully integrated into this solution, allowing orders to be paid for via home banking and/or credit cards.
    The order status is automatically updated through the IPN system provided by PayPal, which fully automates payments made by customers.

  • 2. Billing System

    The integrated billing software, KeyInvoice, allows purchase orders and invoices to be issued using automated synchronisation between orders on the CMS and the billing software.

  • 3. Chat System

    In order to provide direct contact with customers, Zopim Chat software has also been integrated into this solution.

  • 4. Dynamic CRM

    A customer looks for and finds a product that he or she wants to buy, but it is not available. The solution that we have created for this customer segments and places him or her in a database so that he or she is informed that the chosen product is in stock. This is one of the many dynamic solutions created that enhance interaction between customers and the system, and which make a huge difference when it comes to both capture and loyalty.


We have created a homepage that effectively showcases this online store. In this showcase we set the challenge of discovering several highlighted products, with an emphasis on product images, the stars of the project.


This is the most important area of the site where the products are presented and highlighted. We strove to create a strong navigation usability in which emphasis is given to a product's image and features, thus inviting purchases.


Customer registration is a key part of activating the CRM that we created especially for this project. The whole accreditation process was designed based on original communication principles, aiming to create customer loyalty.

Advanced search

We have created different search methods that allow visitors to search and easily find what they are looking for. We know that this is one of the project's success vectors.

Customer registration

We have created a map of the various possible answers to client interactions with their registration area in order to make the whole process individual and simple.

Usability and topic organisation

The various interaction and informational elements for customers are presented in an organised way and structured with breathing spaces that allow the easy identification of different interactions with the store.