In 2011, Fábricas Lusitana (Lusitanian Factories) intended to create and promote the first online grocery store with worldwide deliveries.The tight budget was one of the considerations presented in the briefing presentation. The second was the development time.

The most important results achieved were, without a doubt, the interest aroused, the high number of visits, and, most of all, the significant volume of sales attained by our client.
Another result was winning the Prémio Mercúrio (Mercury Award) for the year's best online business project, an award that validated the work done.

Technology platform

e created a solution supported on a platform designed to allow daily updates of all content and that is integrated with the company's inventory and billing solutions.
Because the project has a very broad scope, special care was taken to ensure the usability of all its features.
The integration with different payment methods is also a feature of this ambitions e-commerce project.
The site works in 5 languages, and it is fully optimised for SEO, for viewing on different platforms, and for sharing on social networks.

  • Social networks

    Aware of the importance of sharing and recommendations for a project of this type, we developed on Facebook, together with other platforms, a replica of the store in partnership with the website that allows visitors to see the site's content on the social network.
    We also created campaigns to generate likes that translated into a significant number of interactive followers.

  • E-Newsletters

    We soon discovered the importance of e-Newsletters to customers and the repercussions they create among them.
    We thus developed a series of creative pieces, programmed in html and sent to a powerful database.

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We created a homepage that summarises all the features developed for users, with product presentation naturally highlighted.

Unique iconography

We created a set of exclusive icons that strengthen the brand's language.


The presented products are organised in families and ranges, thus making search and selection easy for users.

Themed banners

The banners highlight the currently active campaigns, leading customers to search for and discover their content.

From the general to the specific

Each product is presented with all its specifications, enabling consumers to make an informed choice.

Technical features

A features map is presented on all products.

Related products

Each product is presented with associated products, thus facilitating consumers' searches.