Safety Runners™ To Work For

AMF Safety Shoes is a Portuguese company specializing in the development, production and marketing of technical quality footwear with a strong emphasis on protection. AMF owns the To Work For brand.

We develop one-page flyers for the To Work For brand for various product models and ranges, elements that support and disclose the brand at the customer’s point of contact with the product. In creating these pieces, we are particularly careful to maintain the image and communication code already used, thus ensuring total recognition by the customer.

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    AMF Shoes

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The ad highlights the technical features of the To Work For brand footwear, emphasizing the piece’s design.

Press release | Communication with the target audience

The association between the tennis shoes and their intended use by workers is evident in the photo used and the concrete background.

Brochure | The product range

We used the brochure to highlight the unique features of To Work For footwear and to present the entire product range.