O Valor do Dinheiro (The Value of Money)

O Valor do Dinheiro is a global platform aiming to promote individual reflection on how we use money.

Therefore, it presents, as tools for reflection, demographic, economic and social indicators, as well as projects and programs developed for social sector institutions. O Valor do Dinheiro is also a platform for presenting, disseminating and facilitating NGO financing. It was a finalist in the 2016 Portuguese Ideas project.
Blue Line took part in the dissemination of this platform through the technological development of the solutions used when communicating with the public.


We were responsible for constructing the entire digital structure for the “The Value of Money” (“O Valor do Dinheiro”) project. The platform was presented as an exciting project due to its planned technological complexity and the scope of its social and educational dimensions. This is one of the projects that we want to expand all over the world, which is already happening as we speak!

  • Technological Development

    Blue Line developed the adaptation modules for the website’s responsive design. It also developed the whole technological structure involved in the digital platform.

  • Interface

    An interface was created in which users insert sums of their choice and have access to many amazing uses that this money could be put to in other social contexts. A sum that appears negligible, like a euro, could prevent a child from dying of malaria in Zambia, for example.

  • Social Responsibility

    The project comes within the scope of our social responsibility policy and is intended to illustrate the subjectivity of monetary values. The project has gained a high profile, and it is a finalist in Ideas of Portuguese Origin 2016.

Making the complex intuitive

The scale and ambition of the The Value of Money project was transformed into a single, almost minimalist, homepage, but one that has great impact and appeal. Take the test

Simplicity and usability

The spatial organisation of elements allows those who navigate to realise immediately what they should do.

Diverse interactions

Throughout the project, visitors are invited to discover more information about the various projects and about the diverse economic evaluation radii presented.

The key page

This page is where the most of ambitious of the NGO's project's goals is fulfilled: obtaining a donation for the project in question. It is therefore a page on which each element and its positioning on the screen was subjected to a very careful analysis.

Call to Action

The action buttons are a presence throughout the project. We want visitors' awareness to be transformed into action.

Responsive Design

The various project screens have been optimised for the different screen formats with an emphasis on mobiles.