To Your Liking! Campaign

In the sequence for rebranding Espiga, Blue Line was in charge of communicating the brand and its new products.

Our strategic analysis led us to define the Portuguese nature and quality of the raw materials as the campaign’s main strengths.
This strategic base led us to a creative concept in which, in the multiple adverts, original applications are presented for each product range.


A consumer target between 25 and 35 years old was defined. When defining this sequence, the Espiga brand became the first food brand to call the consumer the more informal "tu", marking a more transparent and truthful approach.

  • Rebranding and Signature

    To mark the Espiga brand’s 54-year presence in the Portuguese market, we designed a new logo sought to create a modern, more stylized image, in which the raw material element shown, the ear (of corn - ‘espiga’) of the previous logo, would take on different meanings or representations.
    We added the new slogan “To Your Liking” to the main element, which defines the brand’s whole communication strategy.

  • Communication

    This campaign was widely disseminated in the press, generating high levels of brand awareness.

  • Packaging Espiga

    Blue Line also developed packaging for other Espiga brand food genres, namely oils, spices and breadcrumb packaging.


The campaign highlights the characteristic elements of Portuguese culture. In this case, through its association with Portuguese guitar and cod, elements built with the raw material from which the product originates.

To Your Taste

The offer to consumers is to utilise the Espiga (Spike) products to their taste, mixing, creating the flavour, etc.

Exclusive ads

Each product range deserved a dedicated headline together with a made-to-measure illustration

Press, one of the many means

The press was one of the media used in this multimedia campaign.