Avó Filó quick frozen desserts

Chocolame wanted to redesign the packaging for some of its desserts and develop a new set of quick frozen products with the Avó Filó brand.

To achieve this aim, Blue Line started the research process supporting creative decisions throughout the project. The new packaging was a success, and easily recognizable among the target audience. They can be found in several large retailers.

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Making the new product range stand out in a highly competitive market.
Position the brand maintaining the association with tradition and quality, values that characterize it.


We analyzed each product area in detail in order to identify the main points to communicate. Photos (credits: Revelamos) were given particular emphasis, along with brand presentation, the product name and construction of an exclusive iconography.


In the design of each packaging, we considered the behavior of the units as a family, to ensure strong appeal for the brand and this new product range.