Chocolame sought to redesign the presentation of chocolate salami to enhance the conditions for internationalization.

Blue Line was fully involved in the quest to internationalize Portuguese chocolate salami.
We developed studies that led to the replacement of aluminum packaging with a chocolate coating, a solution that’s far tastier.
We created the new packaging in different flavors for 300 and 150 grams, brochures, catalogs and a commercial film.
This exclusive product is sold in Paris, New York and Peking, among other global capitals.

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Internationalize Portuguese salami.
Communicate the brand in the B2B market.


One of the first challenges was to find a name for the product sold in Portugal with the Avó Filó brand and under the natural name of chocolate salami. This is due to the fact that, outside Portugal, salami is associated with savory products and not sweets. After tests in target market samples, we chose the name "Chocolate and biscuit cake", using Chocolame as the brand. Both names were successful in the different markets where the product is sold.


In addition to the packaging, we developed a set of supports used in relation to the end customer and with the professional market for brand activation, specifically through representation at international trade fairs.Due to their importance, we underline the production of two films, communication pieces and a website.