Skills Portugal

Skills Portugal - National Professions Championship and a competition organized by the IEFP aimed at youngsters between 17 and 25 years old who have completed or are in the process of obtaining a qualification.

During the event’s six days, the youngsters provide evidence of their level of competition, rigor and mastery of techniques and tools for the exercise of each of the almost 50 professions in the competition. The event takes place every two years.

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Video with the best moments of the event


Event Follow-Up

To disseminate and follow-up the Skills Portugal - National Professions Championship, Blue Line undertook the organization of databases related with the event, ensured communication between the IEFP and the schools the project is aimed at, managed student registration and recorded all competition stages on film and through photography.

Press Office

Dissemination of the event was complemented with consulting actions aimed at press, namely drafting of notices, and the reception and accompanying of journalists visiting the premises.
Blue Line also oversaw the reception, registration and guiding of the guests.


We designed a dynamic, attractive and intuitive website that provides an excellent User Experience (UX) and respects the principles of usability.
The project's global reach led us to create a multi-language, multi-currency platform that features product, customer, order and shipping management modules for worldwide deliveries.

Skills Portugal 2014