J. Family

Blue Line developed a platform for J. Family that competes with the best solutions in the European real estate market.

Given that the entire commercial structure is supported by targeting two types of customers, Real Estate and Premium Real Estate, and with the understanding that much of the research in this sector is performed using mobile devices, we have optimized a solution based on responsive design and the principles and best practices of web usability.We have also paid special attention, during development, to simplifying the introduction of content, essential for streamlining processes in an area that involves such large volumes of data.We also attribute special focus to SEO and SEA campaigns, which have generated a huge flow of visitors to the website.It is also worth mentioning the various campaigns conducted on social networks, particularly Facebook and Instagram, which direct thousand of followers and interactions to the brand.

Web Design

The entire development of the J. Family site was based on segmenting two types of customers - Real Estate and Real Estate Premium. The goal was to deliver each user's search results according to the corresponding customer type. A premium module was also developed that prevents the general public from seeing certain properties for sale, with these only being visible to selected customers.
The site was complimented by a dedicated SEO module that places results high up on search engines, especially Google.

  • Dedicated SEO

    The J. Family website has a dedicated SEO module that optimizes the connection to search engines, especially Google. This is essential for the website to be well-positioned in the search results and for customers to find what they are seeking.

  • Premium Module

    The Premium real estate module created for the J. Family project offers the perfect solution for those seeking to sell a property without the ad being visible to the general public, given its exclusivity. Thus, the offer may be enhanced by presenting it to distinct customers.

  • A dynamic website

    All visible content on this website may be directly altered through the Blue Line backoffice editor. This feature provides the customer/manager with total autonomy over time, who can then focus on customer communication.


We designed all the pages for the J.Family solution so that they respond to the target at which they are directed. The large format images, the spatial organisation of elements, and the creation of own iconography are thus salient features.

Premium module

Registered customers have access to an extra set of information and features that is revealed as one of the project's strong elements of differentiation.

Advanced search

In addition to the simple search, we have created an advanced search that allows those looking for a property to effectively find what they are seeking. This increased relevance creates a higher response rate.

Constant interaction

Customers interact with each page and may switch between various display modes, with a highlighted map showing the locations of different properties in the space built based on the georeferencing of each one.

The detail

This is the page where properties are presented, and where their different aspects and characteristics are shown. This is also the page that drives customers to request a visit. We created all the elements having in mind the importance of both this and the creation of a special relationship between the visitor and the property.

Responsive design

We know that more than 40% of accesses to property websites are made via mobile. So, we analysed the behaviour and positioning of each designed element with different screen sizes and support so that we were able to ensure the project's maximum impact.