The challenge of "Estratégicar ®"
(‘being strategic’)

Nothing is more stimulating than creation with strategic vision and the development of strong communication concepts that survive the test of time and generate value and results for our Clients.

Challenge us to project brands and projects on to the global market.

"Estrategicar®" (‘being strategic’), more than just a concept, defines our action: we communicate with a strategy to respond to three questions:
- Who are our clients?
- Where are they?
- How can we communicate with them?

Strong relations

We have been operating in the Portuguese market for 11 years and have had the privilege of working with ambitious companies seeking to use quality marketing and communication as a competitive advantage.

With these Companies and with our Partners, we create relationships of trust and sharing that lead to our best projects.

If a product or service exists, Blue Line knows how to communicate it!

An experienced team

Our team of professionals combines different facets, experiences, personalities and nationalities.
All these differences allow an analysis based on various perspectives, and leads to reflection on what the global market is, to then create solid and effective concepts.
What is the common theme among so much variety?
The passion for communication and for responding in the best possible way to the numerous challenges posed.

  • É uma felicidade saber que contamos com o apoio dos melhores ao nosso lado, nesta missão que levamos muito a sério - produzir cultura. Daniela Simões – Colectivo A TRIBO.

  • Destaco o grande profissionalismo, a enorme dedicação ao cliente e as boas energias que passam através dos seus colaboradores e dos trabalhos desenvolvidos. Hugo Cortes – Monte da Glória.

  • Profissionalismo com simpatia. Doses de criatividade servidas com entusiasmo. Disponibilidade e atenção postas ao serviço do cliente. Quando se trabalha com alegria e imaginação, somente temos a ganhar. Recomendado. Não, recomendadíssimo. Bruno Farias – Grande Consumo.

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