Communication Strategies

Who are our clients?
Where are they?
How can we communicate with them?

Our marketing strategy processes allow us to answer these three basic questions effectively. We include, in the implementation strategy, strong brand principles that increase goodwill over time.

We create
Marketing strategies
Communication strategies
Image quality audits


Strong brands for competitive markets.

A brand is a signature that conveys unique values and characteristics. At global level, branding gains new levels of complexity to respond to different cultural and linguistic interpretations.

At Blue Line, we create the brand name and image that reflects a unique attitude and personality.

We use a unique research, development and validation process enabling us to successfully respond to the major challenge of globalization.

How do we measure the quality of our branding? Through performance analysis of the dozens of brands we created in the several markets we operate in.

Communication and Advertising

Change of commitments with differentiated communication

We create original communication to stimulate an action in the consumer. This action may be buying a product, making a phone call, requesting information or changing a habit.

We seek new creative paths, associating art and communication, based on rigorous execution to generate the difference and, thus, effectively contribute to the positioning sought by a project or brand.

We develop:
Institutional pieces
Brand activation pieces
Advertising in different types of supports
Company and projects presentation

Web & Digital

IT includes the Blue Line DNA from its inception.

We include, in our strategic vision, the design and technology to build exclusive web solutions that are continuously tested and updated.

We build efficient projects
1.The projects are designed from a strategic and business marketing perspective.
2.They have exclusive designed aimed at usability, accessibility and effective communication.
3.They have a fully customized, Blue Line-exclusive platform, tested on more than 90 projects and continuously updated.

We develop:
Websites, portals and extranets
E-commerce stores
SEO optimization
Google campaigns
Social marketing



When packaging comes into contact with customers

When designing the packaging, we combine industrial design when creating the form, the use of materials and the resolution of industrial filling problems with the graphic design.
We build packaging that communicates, distinguishes and positions the product and the brand.

Salvatore Adduci
We represent Salvatore Adduci in Portugal.
With this partnership, we integrate the know-how of specialists used to designing and executing projects for major international brands, with the monitoring of a local team that assesses and coordinates each project’s specific features.

Your project will have an international presence working alongside us.

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